Heat Treatment

Spective Technical Services offers prestigious thermal solutions when it comes to heat treatment. Boasting the work force and equipment to support with design, engineering, treatment, inspection, maintenance work, and being ISO 9001 compliant, you can trust us to perform any of your heat treatment needs.

With over 7500 KW of applied resistance heat available to us, Spective Technical Services are able to produce electrical resistance heating elements in a large variety of sizes to suit a wide array of applications. Our electrical resistance heat treatment services include onsite preheating, hydrogen de-gasification; as well as post-weld heat treatment of pipework, fabrications, and pressure vessels.

Spective Technical Services’ electrical resistance heating elements are designed in a range of sizes to suit a vast amount of applications. They are connected to either a low-voltage 65-volt, por high-voltage 240-volt power source. Each low-voltage power source is rated at 50 kva, has a minimum of 6 individually controllable outlets, and can power a maximum of 18 heaters of 2.7 KW.

Temperature is controlled via pre-programmable microprocessor-based modules. Temperature measurement made by pre-calibrated digital temperature recorders all calibrated in accordance with national standards.

Preserve and Protect

The use of Spective Technical Services’ high-velocity burners makes the curation and exclusion of moisture from refractory materials a simple task. Our high-velocity burners are set ablaze by either liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or diesel oil for the onsite heat treatment of large fabrications, pressure vessels, and temporary furnaces.

High-velocity fuel applications include:

  • Caustic or sulfuric liquid storage tanks
  • Reactor vessels
  • Hydro-active vessels
  • LPG storage spheres
  • Steel furnaces


Being under cautionary conditions, we remove the risk of damage that can be caused by spalling and thereby extend the life of the refractory.

Spective Technical Servicing’s own transportable, lightweight, and low-thermal-mass temporary furnace installations for the post-weld heat treatment of large-pressure vessels and fabrications are designed to be a quick and practical alternative to permanent fixed furnaces which prove costly when transporting components. The temporary furnaces can be adorned with either gas or oil-fired burner systems and the temperature control and distribution are identical to most fixed furnace installations.

We’ve considerable experience in controlled heating and ventilation for the drying of specialized linings. Our expert technicians make use of the most advanced equipment available to date, this being: digital process controllers, fully proportional fuel actuators, and solid-state features to extract moisture whilst rigorously monitoring heating rates which ensure against any damage to lining materials.

Applications for heating and ventilating procedures include:

  • Induction furnace refractory dryout
  • Induction furnace cold start
  • Blast furnace refractory dryout
  • Coal gasification plant refractory dryout
  • Refinery cracker unit refractory dryout
  • Aluminium holding furnace refractory dryout
  • Cement kiln pre-heaters and coolers
  • Incinerator refractory dryout
  • Drying/ curing of phenolic and catalyzed epoxy linings

We offer the most exhaustive list of surface (trace) heating systems, from self-regulating heating cables to constant-wattage trace heating cables (Isopad/Pyrotenax BICC).

Electrical surface heating applications include:

  • Frost protection
  • Process temperature maintenance
  • Temperature raise
  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Drying
  • Anti-condensation
  • Snow melting
  • Pentair Thermal Heat Tracing Products
    • Pentair, a leading supplier of self-regulating heaters boasts over 125 million meters of self-regulating heaters installed worldwide. A range of tapes is used in the heating of vessels, hoppers, piping, valves, pumps, or anywhere there are flow problems or condensation

Spective Technical Services will keep you covered with a wide array of services varying from the supply of materials to full solution process involving research, design, installation, and commissioning.  We’ll deal with any query with our included pre- and post-sale services.

Our knowledge and experience is incomparable to any other, and with a variety of the very best products at our disposal – Spective Technical Services is the undoubtable choice for any of your heating service needs. From small-bore pipework to large storage tanks; mechanical capillary-action thermostats to modular monitoring and control systems handling up to 130 heat-tracing circuits. We also supply:

  • Self-regulating cable
  • Constant-wattage cable
  • Mineral-insulated cable
  • Silicon rubber heated mats
  • Heated jackets


We’ll provide results for all your demands. We are dedicated to innovative working that’ll make your job easier, more efficient, and cost effective.